The big labyrinth in Sigulda is already open and waiting for guests!

When it comes to labyrinths, we recall the ancient Greek myth of Ariadne’s thread. The myth says that the King of Crete – Minos each year sacrificed seven young men and seven girls to be eaten by the Minotaur. The monster, which looked like half the bull and half the human, dwelt in a labyrinth, from which the sent victims could not escape. Among the victims was also Theseus, whom Ariadne, the daughter of the King of Crete, fell in love with, she passed on to her beloved a sharp sword and a tangle of thread. Theseus tied the end of the thread at the entrance and followed the tangled corridors, gradually unwinding the tangle. Having killed the Minotaur, Theseus, following the thread, found the way back from the labyrinth and brought out all the doomed.

Nowadays the theme of labyrinths has become especially popular. And as an entertainment we offer you the largest labyrinth in Latvia called “MINOTAUR – LABYRINTH”, which is located in Sigulda at 15 Miera iela. The area of ​​the labyrinth is more than 1000m2, and the length of the route, along which you have to go is ~714 m. The labyrinth has not only a self-explanatory name, determined by the number of turns in it, but also an intricate structure. Thus, the road from the labyrinth is only one, but moving down it is a real intellectual challenge as it is very easy to get lost in the labyrinth.


*Groups of more than 15 people, please contact for a special offer: +371 2020 7293.

A little bit about the labyrinths…

Labyrinth (other Greek, λαβύρινθος) is a system consisting of entangled ways to exit, in addition to this system there are ways leading to a dead end.

The most mysterious construction that a person has ever encountered. The labyrinth is a symbol of something unsolved, hidden. It includes the exit, but not everyone is given to find it. The exit and the entrance change places more quickly than the entered one is able to notice. This happens not in reality, but in consciousness. Every labyrinth has a special secret, that’s what makes us go there.

There are many stories about the labyrinths, from which it is impossible to get out. And even if the exit was close, some unknown force returned the victim to the starting point … The labyrinth refused to let his guests free … Scientists suggest that the solution lies in the structure of the labyrinth, in its transitions and traps. Getting in them, the person lost the opportunity to navigate and immediately fell into a panic.

In mythology, the labyrinth is a symbol of death and rebirth. It defends a place granted with special power, and limits access to it. This place embodies the portal of the transition between two worlds, and the labyrinth itself is a symbolic gateway.

Mysterious constructions originate from ancient times. The first labyrinth-like rock paintings appeared on Earth back in the Stone Age. It’s hard to say what the prehistoric artist meant, carving twisting lines and spirals, but the idea was passed through the centuries, having finally turned into a global symbol – seven lines twisted around the centre.

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